Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guessing Jar WINNERS!

We have our WINNERS of the guessing jars!
Riley guessed 226 marbles and there were 230 in the jar. Amazing!
 Sophie guessed 400 gumballs and there were 431. Woohoo!!!
AND both finished their Summer Reading!!! Way to go!!!



Available to check out at the Endicott Library. Right now we have:

"Math: Mirror Activity"
"Math: Ring Toss"...
"Construction 2"

 Each bag contains books and theme based fun activities!!!

Summer Reading Completion Requirements

If you have finished your Summer Reading...come claim your prize at the Endicott Library!!!

Completion requirements:
5th grade & under----10 books or 10 hours ---Finish by July 31
Teens---3 books ---Finish by August 31...
Adults---BINGO card ---Finish by August 31

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Reading --The FINAL s t r e t c h - Family Yoga!

Namaste! Thank you, Suzy McNeilly for visiting the Endicott Library and teaching us some yoga!!! We all learned something and got a nice stretch/work out! Hopefully we will be able to have Suzy back to teach our community a little more about yoga.  

 If you have finished your summer reading....stop by the Endicott library to claim your prize!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Reading - For Every ACTION.....

Lots of ACTION this morning for our Summer Reading program! We combined our Summer Reading with VBS wiggle time. We had 3 different wiggle times and we played a fun game that included the rolling of dice and following through with the ACTION that each number indicated. The kids were great sports and came up with some really fun ACTIONs!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Reading Play Dough Challenge!!!

A little math, a little science, a little patience, a little muscle work, and a lot of fun & learning ---all in a single Summer Reading program! Our Play Dough Challenge today began with learning how to read a recipe. The next step was to follow the recipe to create our play dough. Our trickiest challenge was kneading the play dough to the proper consistency. With a little extra water & oil we made it work!!! Then we had a couple building challenges and everyone's creative really shined!!!